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“It is possible for humans to respond to, observe, and measure their own states and conditions, which often fluctuate, and determine their behavior.” ~ Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah


“Towards TheSixth Station - Well Pleasing Self An-nafs mardiyya” ~ Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah


“Culture expresses the language of a social 'dance' (attendance), manufactured by in-group maintenance of the status-quo. Through-out history mankind has developed a dance passed down from generation to generation, based on the benefits of resources on planet earth. ” ~ Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah


“It is by good nature that a man can be perfected; It is by good nature that the order of the world is maintained.” ~ Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah


“Allahumma, O Allah one thousand times, protect us from fragmented vectors and being amongst those (Vectors) who fall short by their use of magic and deception. They will be last, slow and backward fore their errors cause them to stray and perish. Reduced and destitute in a state of despair, gloom and loss. Withering away with no hope of recompense.!” ~ Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah

© William Lamont Robinson d/b/a Athar (Ul-Nabi)